Monday, 17 December 2007

Erin O'Connor and I..................we're like that!

.......And when I say that, i'm crossing my fingers and nodding wisely.

Ok, so we haven't ever actually met (her life being Fendi, my life being Primark) but I feel like we are so similar it's scary. I'm recently addicted to Erin's new blog on (which is alot funnier and more down to earth than you'd expect) and discovered that Erin and I battle with a lot of the same demons. Facebook addiction-check. Love of Halloween-check (although Erin wore Vivienne Westwood and I wore a binliner) Indulging at breakfast time because it's 'nearly' Christmas- check (although Erin indulged with champagne, me with trifle, but the concept is the same!)

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