Thursday, 20 December 2007

Santa is coming dontcha know!

Ok, so it's not quite Christmas.

It's 20th December, and most people are still working until the 24th. Hell, some people haven't even started their festive shopping yet: fools!! Still, i'm not most people. In Tor's world (It's a weird and wonderful place)Christmas started at the weekend when I left my Norwich hovel and returned to the rural expanse that is my parental home: a fantastic luxurious place where mincepies appear all the time, as if by magic, and laundary does itself.

The downside of this wonderland however is the dial up internet. For you, dear reader, i've just sat for 20 minutes waiting for this page to load, and I dare not add a picture- That's an hour of my life i'm just not prepared to waste!

So this is just a note to say thank you to: (cough cough, prepare for the speeches) Becky, for coming on board and adding that special sparkle to this blog with her witty reparte. To all of the highstreet stores I fill up the changing rooms of most days with no intention of ever buying anything. Thanks for unwittingly letting me advertise and (lets not lie) criticise your clothes for my own selfish means. Finally thank you to (no, not my parents) you, lovely reader, for reading my random ramblings this year and not laughing too loudly at all those dresses that just didn't fit. (yes, there were many)

I will try and post regularly from this back of beyond (i'm starting to feel farmer chic as a major trend: it must be my surroundings) but I make no promises precious readers. Even for you i'm not prepared for a 30 minute page load! If I don't manage to tap out a word or two, complete with pictures of those lovely Christmas dresses i'm expecting santa to drop down the chimney any day now, then have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Check us out from the 2nd of January, when I will be doing a week of daily live reports from the sales showing you what's hot, what's not, and what's a plain got-to-have-it-now bargain. I hear Primark is having a January blow out this year: just when you thought that store couldn't get any cheaper: thank you santa, a Primark sale is just what I asked for (Well, that and YSL shoes but you can't have everything.......)

See you in 2008!


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