Wednesday, 12 December 2007

H&M hates my Body!

Another day, another installment of the quest for the perfect party dress! Today I attacked the 'Young Trend' section at H&M: My logic being that at just 23 I surely am still 'young' and 'trendy'. Right?! Right. You should know the drill by now: I selected the 4 party dresses I liked the most tried them on and photographed myself for your viewing pleasure: all in the quest to find the perfect Christmas party dress on as small a budget as possible.

Unfortunately through bad chosing, bad design, or both, all the dresses I attempted to display systematically hated my body: H&M hate me. Fact!

Dress #1: H&M hates my boobs

Apparently being young and having breasts are mutually exclusive concepts to the H&M team! This dress felt fun and floaty. The material was very flimsy, which I usually consider a bad thing, but putting it on it actually worked: it skimmed my hips and gave a great shape until.....i tried to squeeze in my bosom. I would have loved to have made it look good for you reader, but miracle worker I am not- my boobs are just not young and trendy enough. Fact.

For those of you that are feeling young and trendy though, here's how the frock (wich comes in black and grey) looked on the 'perfectly shaped' model:

Is it OK to ever so slightly hate a mannequin!?

Dress #2: H&M hates my arms

There's not much to say about this tuxedo style shirt dress (which looked amazing on the hanger and was made of a lovely quality cotton) except that i'm not holding my arms out like that out of choice. I'm holding them like that because the arms were sooo tight that I couldn't move. What's weird is that there was loads of room around the body and bust, so if the arms have been looser this would have buttoned up and looked rather lovely. Curiouser and curiouser........

Dress #3: H&M hates my curves

And now we move from one end of the scale to the other! Ok, so in the second picture i'm sticking my tummy out a bit but you get the idea! From the front this dress looked lovely: I loved the neckline, it minimised my bust, I even quite liked the (poorly attached) embellishments. But the problem is they had used enough material to make 2 dresses in constructing this frock: the result? From the side the dress looked like a shapeless sack light materity dress that was far too big for me.

Dress #4: H&M Hates my hips

Ok, I admit it! By this stage I was dissillutioned with H&M 'Young Trend' dresses and thought I might have more luck with a sequined mini-skirt teamed with a long sleeved top (an idea I admit I saw showcased on LK Today) How wrong I was! The poorly crafted skirt stuck not only to itself but also my tights and gave the illusion of 4 hips rather than my usual curvy 2: not a good look!

So there you have it! A full range of body hatred from the European clothing giant. Here's hoping River Island are a little better tomorrow..........


The Good Stuff said...

the Lady looks Way better than the manequin... nice bust

siri said...

oh my god, its like watching myself everytime I go shopping, haha! Young people obviously means people under the age of like 15, or just girls who are lucky enaugh to be slim and have small boobs.
Don´t get me started on the underwear department..
Nice to know I´m not the only young woman with an "old" body.