Thursday, 10 March 2011

Question: Can flat shoes be dressy shoes?

Hi guys,

*Warning - This post contains wedding content. I'm aware i'm becoming obsessed.*

I am a dedicated high heel lover. So much so that even though I sprained my ankle on Monday, and my foot is swollen like a balloon, I will still be squeezing it into heels for a friends wedding on Saturday afternoon. For special occasions and evenings out, I don't feel like i'm ready without a heel on. Which is why I opted for high Dior heels in satin and leather for my own wedding: if you're ever going to have an excuse to buy expensive and impractical shoes then this is it! But the practical side of my brain has been telling me that I won't last 12 hours in stilettos, and I need to invest in some flats for dancing the night away. Which leads to my mission of finding party style flats and my question: can flat shoes be dressy shoes?

Here are the shoes i've been looking at:
Above: Peep toe flats (Faith), Thong sandals (Faith), Gold sandals (Miss KG), Diamante sandals (Dune), gold cystal sandals (Red Herring).

White satin pumps are a) pretty ugly to look at and b) not the kind of shoes I would wear ever again, so I immediately dismissed those. So my next thought was to look at sandals: I wear sandals every day in the summer and would definitely get wear out of them after the event. How do you make a sandal semi- dressy? Make it metallic and throw diamante at it, of course! I love the Dune ones in gold, but worry the high back would irritate in the heat. The crystal Red Herring ones are my second favourite, because I would definitely wear these again on my honeymoon.

What do you think? Can flat shoes be dressy? Can you wear flat sandals on your wedding day? Or do you only feel like your dressed up to go out when you have your highest heels on?

Love, Tor xx


Tamsin said...

Be seriously careful about putting a sprained ankle into heels - 16 years after spraining my ankle and not looking after it properly (i.e. continuing to dance on it, I injured it at ballet) it's still not right. Honestly, you could damage it permanently.

Flat shoes can definitely be dressy! I rarely wear heels, although I love them, possibly because my ankles have never recovered from the above!

mama said...

No one will see them underneath the wedding dress, so my advice is to go for comfort.

Alex said...

I second what Tamsin said - please be careful with your ankle now!

As for the flat wedding shoes, I like the Faith peeptoes and the Miss KG sandals. They both seem quite versatile and you might as well buy something that you'll wear again.

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ said...

i'm a big believer that what u LIKE is what u should wear - there are NO fashion rules anymore - that's THE rule


*kiss kiss*
Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

teawithonesugarplease said...

For my friends wedding (she was the bride) she bought Jimmy Choo heels to wear but no one saw them under her big dress and later in the evening wore jewelled flats to dance in so yes its a great idea. I spent the last 2 weeks in agony unbeknown to me with a tiny thorn in my heel - still wore heels at work until eventually I couldn't handle the pain wore trainers into the office and all my work colleagues made me go to the clinic where I got a tetanus shot and the nurse got it out!

linda said...

nice wedding shoes,simply too good to resist.