Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Shoes, shoes, shoes...and matching bags?

Hi All,
I know it's very old fashioned, but I like nothing more than a matching shoe and bag combo, I think it adds a certain glamour to the plainest outfits. Now I know that I should really be wearing bright pink shoes with an orange dress and a blue bag, but I just can't bring myself to do it. Sadly for fashion I am my mother's daughter and I even match my make up to my outfits. I've tried to be cool and do the whole "thrown together" look but I just can't!
Before you all dismiss me as a fashion heathen have a look at the images and tell me that matching shoes and bags don't look lovely!?
I am trying, and you never know, but a little perseverence you might see me with a neon green clutch bag and purple shoes a la colour blocking trend.
Until then...I think I will stick to matching, it is what my mummy would want to see!
Amie x


Make Do Style said...

Well maybe occasionally but I was never a matchy matchy person at all!

fatgirlclothes said...

Are those items from Dune by any chance, the shoe and bag matching heaven? :-) I LOVE Dune because you can breeze into the store and you don't have to search for a bag to match your shoes because its already there. (I speak hypothetically as I'm a pauper and if it costs more than £35 I'm not interested). I still try not to do it because my mom does it all the time but sometimes its nice to look more "put together" than "thrown together".

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Yemisi Ladipo-Ajayi said...


Can you suggest places i can get matching shoe and bag in Orange.


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