Monday, 29 June 2009

That which we call a rose..

The pictures you see below represents what I can only describe as the evolution of a monster...

These are in fact crocs. Less cumbersome and chunky rubber versions of hell in shoe form, but crocs nonetheless. They are moulded to the foot more than the originals and certainly look more feminine. However, they are crocs. Naturally therefore, I hate them.

What do you think?

Love Tor

PS-The pics were taken surrepticiously whilst I was standing at swiss cottage waiting for a bus that never came. Whilst the jubilee line was shut. Making it entirely impossible for me to get home to Mill Hill. Thanks again TFL.


KD said...

Well, Crocs certainly are upping their game. I don't hte them like most people but I certainly wouldn't wear them whilst doing anything other than gardening.

Le said...

I don't like the typical crocs but I love these. They'd be fantastic on the beach and they are so light weight I think hating them purely because they are crocs is pretty silly

Sarah-Rose and Craig said...

I bought a pair of girly flat style crocs, taken in by all the "they're so comfy that I don't care they're ugly" about the holey ones and yo9u know what? they get sweaty, they squeak, they offer little to no support, and they gave me ridiculous blisters.