Thursday, 11 June 2009

Dorothy Perkins: 20% off!

Hi Guys,

I speak to you having spent some money in some shop! I realise that the big highstreet stores make reductions in times of crisis in order to trick gullible consumers into heading to their shops, spending money they don't have on supposed "bargains" because they have a massive discount. Well, I am one of those gullible consumers, and until 9pm this evening, if you want to get 20% off everything in store and be one too, just head down to Dorothy Perkins.

Officially marketed as the "Summer Event" now is the perfect time to get anything you need for you're summer holiday, transitional pieces that will carry you into next season, and in my case, stuff you've coveted for a while but not enough to buy!

The discount is not just on clothes, it's on everything in store. That includes the shoes and the jewellery, which I took as a perfect opportunity to stock up on brightly coloured trinkets!

As usual, here is my pick of the best:
I've written about coral before, that tassled waistcoat is to die, and the utilitarian details are on trend enough to almost rival topshop. forAnd the best dresses:

Is anyone noticing the floral theme in these dresses? Summer comes and all I want to do is wear pretty summer dresses in bright colours. I know Dorothy Perkins isnt ever going to be anyones "go to" shop for innovative style, but for pretty summer dresses that fit well, I think it's definitely a place to stop as you're walking down your local highstreet. I went for the first dress on my montage, but in black with a higher hem. And i'm really liking it:

Get thee to Dorothy Perkins and do it quick! There's only 4 hours to go! What says you Karl?

Ah. Not the response I was expecting!

Love, Tor x

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