Thursday, 11 June 2009

Daily wear and DIY

Hey folks,
So for once i'm going to do without the rambling intro and just get straight to it. This is the outfit I am wearing today:
Blouse: Urban outfitters
Dress : Primark
Bracelet and ring: Topshop
Shoes: Boutique in Florida
Necklace: I made it myself

Oh yeah, looking snazzy right? And the hayfever eyes and puffy hayfever face make me look even more attractive, no? This daily wear interlude brings me nicely to the DIY section of this post in a "here's one I made earlier" Blue Peter from the 90s (do they still do here's one i've made earlier?) kind of way!
I fell in love with a necklace the wonderful Tavi was wearing on her blog once upon a time, so I decided to make my own (albeit no doubt not as professional) version!
It looks pretty good, no? I was aiming to make a longer one, but I forgot to take into account that plaiting the fabric would mean it would end up shorter! I had another go at making a longer one last night though- I loved the grey one, and I had loads of fabric left over, so I repeated the whole procedure with a lot more plaiting!

If you're looking at this and thinking "hey, that looks pretty simple, I could definitely give that a go!" then here are the instructions on how I threw it together in four simple steps.

1. Cut 6 lengths of fabric about 2/2.5 inches wide (depending how thick you want your necklace) and as long as you want the necklace to be (remember to allow for "shrinkage" when you start plaiting! I went for a jersey fabric to start with, because I thought the stretch would make it easier to plait
2. Roll one piece of fabric around another, creating a long thick fabric "sausage" and leaving you with 3 lengths of fabric to plait (I not Anonymous Agent sometimes plaits 4 pieces of fabric and i'm going to try that, but for simplicity I started with three!)
3. Secure the material at one end (I created a loop) and plait!
4. Attach the two ends together to make a necklace. I threaded the finished end through the loop and secured with a couple of stitches (the cheap option!) but if you want it to look really fancy maybe you could buy a clasp and attach the ends to that? And voila! Your finished!

And, to complicate it a little bit more, in traditional FabFrocks style, here is an awful diagram, drawn in paint!

I love how this simple necklace looks, and I love that it's DIY I can do in around half an hour (my crafting attention span, sadly!) I suspect one in every colour of the rainbow making it's way to my wardrobe some time soon!

Love, Tor x


KD said...

Good job! Awesome necklace and lovely outfit. :-)

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