Sunday, 28 June 2009

Saturday night, feeling alright!

On Friday night the sis and I didn't feel up to conquering Selfridges: the horrible humid weather and the sheer volume of shoppers meant we hit a couple of the highstreet stores (including primark of course!) ate a pizza and then went home.

This was, however, a good thing. In a happy twist of fate, Becky (yes, Rebecca of Wigmore fame) had to make a last minute trip to London for the weekend and we decided to meet and attack Selfridges with all of our might. In fact, we arrived at 2pm, and were still there when Miss B had to run to catch her train at 6.30pm.
Here is Miss B in a vintage 70s maxi dress indulging in a salad from one of the many many cafes of the store. We felt well fancy!
We divided our visit into 4 distinct sections; well, you have to have a plan! First handbags, then designer women's wear followed by shoes and finally what Selfridges call "street fashion" but normal humans call "the highstreet bit"!
To be honest, during our trip I was a very very bad blogger: we were having far too much fun to remember to take photos! However, if you ever wanted to see what I looked like in a too tight Chloe body-con dress that had been reduced from £400 to £130, then here you go:

Tiny changing room with awful strip lighting around the mirror does not make for good photography!

Great dress for anyone without hips or tum; on me? The result was nothing less than an angry hippo! It looked brilliant on the hanger; simple and sexy, but on the body I think it looked fairly cheap and non-descript.

Here is Becky pouring over some discounted Marni, however it wasn't the sales that were the highlight of my day: the thing that excited me most was that the new Ashish stuff is now in-store! Going back to try that lot on is going to be a very exciting day!
Yum! Sequins and pompom and glorious OTT details! I've already been charity shop trawling for oversized 80s jumpers to attach home made pompoms to!
Then to the shoes:
Oh if only I had the money to buy one magnificent pair of shoes, it would be this Jimmy Choos! Reduced to just over £300 they were beautiful with their tribal influences and vibrant yellow detailing. The heel was so narrow that even wearing just one shoe I was very very wobbly on my feet! The whole shoe department was wonderful!
In fact, if you like shoes, get thee to Selfridges! The shoe department has such an amazing sale and the discounts were insane. So insane that the boyfriend is taking me back on Monday to choose a pair as a graduation present: good times! There are a pair of black Prada heels that I have my eyes this space!

Finally, we popped to All Saints where I was drawn by the massive 50% off signs everywhere. However I wasn't impressed by the two dresses I decided to try on:

Note the much better changing room light!? I loved the horse drawn chariot image on this first dress, but I tried on a 12 as they didn't have a 14, and as you can see it was far far too tight! And the second dress? Well the fact I can't button it and my truly frightened face says it all!

Anyway, a great day was had by all! Mike and I are going back tomorrow night, where I promise I will make a considerably more concerted effort to take better pictures of all the great stuff in the sales!

Love, Tor x

Oh, PS - I did buy something; an oversized black cardigan from vince reduced from £250 to £30; quite a bargain! However its far too warm to be messing with cardigans (its an effort to get dressed at all!) so I will show it you in a separate post when I feel less, well, sticky!


Sarah-Rose and Craig said...

Nevermind the clothes - your hair looks faaaaabulous!

Make Do Style said...

Great day out! The sales are truly a rip roaring success this year from a consumer perspective!

KD said...

Oooh, sounds like fun! I can't wait to see the cardigan. :-)

Queen Michelle said...

Aw that makes me miss London! I remember going past that cafe!

Susie Bubble said...

I found NOTHING at Selfridges.... maybe Saturday crowds were not putting me in the right frame of mind....