Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Force to be reckoned with!

I know i've written about the millinary wonder that is Tour de Force before, but another glance at the website forces me (oh humour, where art thou!?) to mention them again.

For those of you who missed the last piece, or don't read any of the other thousands of blogs that have featured her work in the past couple of months, here's the blurb: TOUR DE FORCE believes in offering feminine and flattering designs by creating innovative sculptural forms using luxurious fabrics and intricate detail. Inspiration is drawn from Performance Art and the manipulation of graphic line.

Camille Roman, designer and founder of TOUR DE FORCE graduated from Womenswear at Central St. Martins, and gained studio experience at Lanvin, Zac Posen and Johnny Loves Rosie before launching her own range of luxury accessories.
I went to the website to gaze lustfully at the dada bells piece, which I am considering handing over some hard earned cash for as a "pay day treat." However I got far more than I bargained for: Why didn't anyone tell me that the lovely Camille also makes Couture pieces!?
Although obviously these pieces arent built for wearing to the office, or the supermarket, or on a night out or...well, you get the idea, aren't they structurally superb? And how do they stand up unaided like that? Hat engineers, I wait for your response with baited breath!
Camille's influences aren't subtle (i'm seeing the statue of liberty crossed with king tritan, a rio carnival, a spring baby and Queen Victoria in mourning) but the results are astounding. And I would be thrilled to wear a smaller version of the tritan piece to my sisters graduation. Or one of the bows just about anywhere! It must be love...
Love, Tor x

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KD said...

That 2nd one is simply mah-velous!