Friday, 26 June 2009

Uninspired and unevolved

I have no idea what to post about today. I always feel like i'm letting you guys and myself down when I don't know what to write about but everything is leaving me feeling pretty blank and blah today. Hopefully i'll be back on the ball by tonight (have you noticed that i've started posting twice a day? I'm finding the momentum of it helps focus my mind and I intend to keep it up!)
So instead, for your pleasure, here is a list of the things I have been thinking about today that dont quite warrent a whole post of there own (the unevolved part of the title!):
1. Michael Jackson. The sequinned white gloves, the red jacket with the epilettes. Michael Jackson may have had a questionable personal life but his music and fashion choices really were ahead of their time
2. The beginning of the end for Perez Hilton? When is it time to stop hounding celebrities? And does this mean that we should stop hounding Perez, who has become a kind-of-celebrity-of-sorts? And what does this mean for the fashion industry? Oh how refreshing it would be to read a fashion magazine that didn't have an actress/musician on the cover; that's not what i'm reading the magazine for!
3. Relating to my thoughts about no. 2 really: Celebrity clothing lines. Do we buy them for the celebrity of because of the quality of the clothes. And are they undermining the fashion industry and struggling designers trying to build their own label/ their own reputation? This one was just too hard for me to answer in half an hour but I will give it some thought and post at a later date. Answers on a post card please?
I'm heading to primark and then the Selfridges sale after work tonight, so hopefully I will have pictures galore to share in the next couple of posts!
Love, Tor x


Make Do Style said...

Yes funny how lack lustre today is! All sort of a damp squid given Mr MJ.

Now on the bra front - I've not noticed you being an offender. When the sale season is over do pop into Selfridges for a fitting just to double check.

KD said...

Oooh, Selfridges! I can't wait for the pics!

Sarah-Rose and Craig said...

Ah Primark - how I miss thee (ish).

I don't think celebrity lines are damaging struggling designers too much. But maybe they are. I think the failure of some of the lines (thinking of Lily Allen's first (did she do more than one?) line for New Look) indicates that not everyone is a shopping drone dropping money on a name more than the style of clothes.