Thursday, 25 June 2009

Snow White and the seven layers of chiffon

Well as the theme of the day seems to be reintroducing you to websites i've already told you I love, who am I to break the habit? Catwalk genius has a small sale on their website, and as I can't seem to resist the summer sales this week I decided to take a peek. However, once more it wasn't the cute and quirky garments I might actually be able to afford that took my fancy, but the couture that I most certainly couldn't. If you have the money and an eye for a bargain then this Aimee McWilliams dress is for you. And although E2241.75 is an eyewatering amount of money, given that it was E5781.35, that is quite the reduction.
Regardless of the reduction, it is quite the dress...

The gown is made up of over 60 metres of French chiffon in a variety of colours. And if you're interested in celebrities, then according to the website this cut has been ordered by Sarah Brightman and Christina Aguilera amongst other stars. To me it looks like a very fancy couture version of Snow White's wedding dress. Although i'm not that sure how I feel about the panto style padded cups (it fits into the Snow White theme I guess!) that raw edged skirt and I could talk all night. I love the vibrant clashing colours and that in spite, or even because of them, the dress looks very very well made and perfect for a Cinderella style ball. Wow, i'm really channelling the Disney today, arent I? Its a dress made for a wind machine, a bold personality, and a flounce.
I'm not sure i've ever flounced before, but for one night in that dress, i'm certainly prepared to give it a go!
Love, Tor


KD said...

I like it, but it seems a tad too snow white-y for me.

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-very gorgeous indeed, a real couture, fairy tale dress!

gleenn said...

Wow! TO be inside that dress would feel like living a dream. Cool :)