Saturday, 27 June 2009

Primark does make up!

Although there were plenty of angular desses and heavily embellished blouses that got my attention in Primark last night, the most noticable thing that grabbed my attention was the addition of a whole new section sandwiched between the underwear and the pajamas; Primark have started making make up and cosmetics!

Although it doesn't say so on the boxes, a quick blog fact search has confirmed that the goodies aren't tested on animals. I've always believed that with make up you get what you pay for; that's why even when i'm broke I always find the money for my Dior foundation and my YSL mascara. But maybe i'm wrong;
Having tried the blusher and a dab of the "stretch eye shadow" (which really does just keep going!) I think Primark could quickly become a go-to shop for fast and fun make up; those varying colour trends that the fashion magazines tell us are our weekly "must haves". I know where i'll be going to next time I need a neon eye shadow or pinker than pink lip gloss!!
I'm also really impressed with the packaging; to say that the stuff is selling for between £1-2.50, you don't feel like this is basics" make up where the packaging has been neglected. The glitter eyeliners look just like the ones you get from Urban Decay and I love the Roy Lichtenstein, pop art-style packaging on the face and eye powders. Although the price is rock bottom, the packaging doesn't make you feel like you are settling for econd best.
Love, Tor x
PS- my Primark pick of the week and overview of the Selfridges sale are coming your way soon!


Make Do Style said...

Will have to take a peek!

Helena said...

how much is the makeup in primark

Helena said...

I havent see any make up in primark here on porto