Wednesday, 17 June 2009

ASOS have taken over the world!

Hi Guys,
First we fell in love with the cheap celebrity copies on "as seen on screen" (the quality wasn't that great though) then those clever folks over there at the as seen building started a blog, they changed the company name into into simply ASOS and introduced more premium brands and great designer ranges that made them a first-stop online shopping experience. THEN.....

they followed net-a-porter who introduced the outnet by introducing "ASOS red", the ASOS outlet with up to 70% off not just their own stuff, but top brands too (that is where the Irregular Choice tassled shoes of yesterday's post came from, if you're interested. Then finally..., when i thought they couldn't do anymore, I noticed a banner ad on for ASOS kids (!) A new collection of high street and designer wear for babies, boys, and girls.
The range features my least favourite thing in the world (little girls dressed provocatively as tiny little hookers) but with some of these ranges, I suppose that can't be helped. I'm no expert on baby or children's wear, so i'm not about to review, but the range seemed fairly extensive, so it might be worth checking out.
Meanwhile ASOS are in their evil ASOS tower plotting to take over Starbucks, MacDonalds.... and create a whole new website called ASOS Pets. And the scary thing is, i'm probably not joking. Tiny chihuahua, here I come...
Love, Tor

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Make Do Style said...

You're scaring me with you ASOS pets premonition!