Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Spring Clean and Revamp!

Hey guys,

Although the blog had a mini revamp at the beginning of June (to make the colour scheme match the YourLondonStylist one) i've decided to revamp it again. And this time get it right!
Mostly, I want it to look cleaner and tidier, and for the reading pane to be larger, enabling me to upload larger images. I am also toying with adding a second reading pane to highlight key content, but we'll have to take this one step at a time! The work will begin this weekend, so bear with me if it looks off kilter whilst i'm working on it; hopefully it won't be for long, and I will still be posting!
In preparation for this (and because I haven't done it for almost a year!) I will be tidying up the blogroll, and finally adding all the extra blogs I now read, but haven't gotten round to adding!
If you haven't posted for the past 10 weeks then your blog link will be removed (unless you get in touch!) And if i'm not linking to you but you'd like me to then just get in touch, either in the comments below, or email me!
Thanks guys!
Tor x

1 comment:

Sarah-Rose and Craig said...

I don't know if you roll more than just fashion blogs, but I've got a link to you on the sidebar of my site!