Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Graduate fashion week here I come (albeit slowly!)

Graduate fashion week kicked off on Sunday, but given my jetlag and a minor family crisis (it never rains it pours) I didn't attend any of the shows. Yesterday I had to catch up on emails and other work that actually pays the rent and today and tomorrow, finally, I can begin to check out the talent.

Except, of course, that fate hates me! Why, oh why, would the tube strike start today and run on until Friday? How am I possibly going to get from Earls Court to Mill Hill without the use of the underground network? Tomorrow, for the Gala Show, I certainly intend to find out, using a complex series of about 13 buses, a stack of magazines and several hours of patience. For the shows this evening? I'm in a state of turmoil where my desires for fashion is wrestling with my desire not to get home at 2 in the morning, having spent 5 hours on a bus. Sadly no, I am not exagerating! We'll see.....

Obviously on Thursday morning I will be posting the hundreds of pictures I take at the Gala show. In the meantime, here is a mini roundup of graduate fashion week so far (pictures 'borrowed' from fabsugar!)
Rio Maddison was the standout (for me) from Northumbria University. This outfit looks like a harlequin met Madonna and Balmain in a stud factory! The structured peplum style skirt is incredibly sexual to me and I like the more subtle take on the power shoulders.

Although Sarah Benning (from the university of Westminster) certainly creates eye catching oversized knotted knitwear, it is her almost creepy muscle leggings I can see every girl on the highstreet craving; it certainly beats having to go to the gym for "muscle definition"!

Kingston University's Amy Marshall produced a wonderful array of technicolour bubble shaped knits. I'm a sucker for knitwear (you have to be when you grow up up'tNorth), and this fabulous totally wearable thorover reinvents the wrap up warm cardigan for me.

I know this one has already been posted all over the bloggosphere but I have only one thing to say about Bournemouth's Marte Brauter: love= blonde hairy arms!!
And lastly, but not leastly, London College of Fashion's Annick Littlewood and her leather feathers. Whilst not totally in love with the top of this dress (which has a 90s replicating the 60s feel) the skirt was so wonderful it still made it one of my favourite pieces. Think of the versitility the leather feathers idea has!

Frankly, if this is what i've got to look forward to, I can't wait for Wednesday's show!

Love, Tor x


noa said...

I just LOVE the one with the hairy arm!!


Make Do Style said...

Graduate fashion week is fab and yes the ruddy tube strike. I've got to get to Holland Park tomorrow then HP to LCF which should be the easiest journey in the world NORMALLY!

KD said...

"leather feathers" = best rhyme ever, not to mention umm . . . ummm . . . drat, no more rhyming words so met me just say the leather feathers are genius! I also love the muscle leggings.

fashion herald said...

Ugh, my sympathies to all of you trying to get around w/out tube.
but fabulous knits!