Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My new favourite shoes: Jeffrey Campbell wedges

Hi guys,
I have fallen in love. Not with a man, but more predictably, with a pair of shoes. As soon as I saw these Jeffrey Campbell wedges on the Sarenza website I knew that I would have to make them mine!

Sure, they're slightly ridiculous. And I think they repell men: the husband observed them with bewilderment and a bemused smile, whilst insisting i'd never wear them. Yes, they are very high. But they're just so pretty, and fashion-forward, and statement making that I'm prepared to take a little bit of mild shoe pain to wear them!

Behold! And note that even the box (in the top picture) is pretty:
Sarenza were showing off the brown and black zebra print version at their A/W event last week, but I much prefer the pattern and colour of these. The dalmation print is slightly more subtle, and they would look great teamed with jeans and a blouse for a night of cocktails with the girls. Because they're monochrome, you could literally wear them with anything!

So will I be wearing these shoes? Well I won't be wearing them for a hard days shopping or dancing all night: I don't think my feet could take it! But for dinner or drinks I will definitely be reaching for these to give my little black dress some impact. I already can't wait for our work Christmas party, where I will be showing them off all night! And in the meantime? I'm going to display them on top of the dresser in my bedroom, because they're just too beautiful not to see everyday!

Love them as much as I do? You can buy these beauties here.

Love Tor xx


Jettica said...

I'm currently torn between two pairs of JC wedges. Regardless, one pair will be mine. I just need to make a decision.

Favourite. Shoe brand. Ever.

Actually I own one pair of JCs, very high, heavy wooden wedges and I find them impossible to walk in.

MrJeffery said...

those are cool & funky.

daisychain said...

They are pretty awesome, though my ankles hurt just looking at them! I love JC boxes :)

Little Ghost said...

I'm fine with JC, but can't imagine them suiting me at all......if only! Threre's a pair of his boots at Urban outfitters right now that speak to me, deeply!

Also, wanted to mention: I have been surfing through your archives (like way back to 2009, etc) and have really enjoyed your take on things. Your blog is extremely refreshing and original, down to earth, hilarious and just plain great. You have a loyal reader here, now:)
Lou x

WendyB said...

Those are amazing!