Tuesday, 4 January 2011

January Sales 2011: Miss Selfridge and French Connection

Hi guys,
Another day, another visit to the sales! This time I popped to Miss Selfridges and French Connection to try on impractical party dresses that I don't need: my favourite impractical things to buy! I haven't been massively impressed by the sales so far, but I haven't hit any of the big department stores yet: i'm sure as soon as I do i'll be regaling you with tales of armfuls of lovely stuff bought (well, here's hoping!) Until then though, here's what I tried on in Miss Selfridges:
The nude dress had been reduced to £20, the metallic T-shirt had been reduced to £8. I loved the nude dress, especially the detailing around the shoulders and the ruffled capped sleeves. But boy, did it make me look top heavy! I ummed and ahhed over it for a little while, but decided it probably showed a little too much boob for me.
Like the magpie I am, I was attracted to this dress because it was shiny and sparkly. The sequins were gorgeous, and it was reduced from £100 to £45: bargain! But it isn't exactly flattering on my wobbly mince pie belly, so this one ended up back on the rack for somebody else to find and love!
I loved this dress from French Connection, which had been reduced from £190 to £50, and even came with a matching bag that was reduced to £25. However I was put off by my shopping partner (aka Mike) who pulled that face when I came out of the changing room (complete with slightly wrinkled nose) and put me right off!

Love, Tor x


Crafty Nell said...

That French Connection dress is lovely, their sale is so good but things never seem to fit me too well, I tried on a gorgeous playsuit but it gave me a hunchback because the zip was far too long for my short back!

Penny x

mixnmatch1 said...

i love the nude dress :)

10thingsaboutagirl said...

The last dress (white and black) is beautiful. Would look lovely with a blazer. Might try and get one myself :)

Alison said...

I love the french connection dress! I don't know why he would've pulled a face, I think it's lovely on you.

Kelly said...

I really like the last dress on you! No need for the wrinkly nose!!

Sale shopping is always a bit hit and miss.


Harriet said...

Aww, I love that last dress! Ignore boys, they don't know anything about it!

Rachel said...

Oh Tor, you're so lucky to be able to find such lovely things in the sales! I seem to wander around for ages getting all hot and angry, and only if I'm lucky I will find one thing.
I really like that last dress, I think it suits you and I bet you could style it up for lots of different situations.
P.S. Thank you for doing these sale posts, I don't always get chance to go to my stores so its great to see what they might have before my journey.

Ooops sorry for my rambling comment!

teawithonesugarplease said...

Aww Mike is such a spoiler - I never sale shop with my OH for that very reason,go back and snap it up