Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Latest obsession: House of Harlow jewellery

Hi guys,

Do you all remember when Victoria Beckham announced that she was launching a fashion line? Do you remember how we scoffed and laughed. Well the sullen posh lady plodded on and proved us all wrong anyway. And I think that's what another unlikely fashion designer, Nicole Richie, has done with her House of Harlow jewelry line. Because despite myself, and the fact that i'm not a big fan of any celebrity collaboration or involvement in fashion, I actually like it. In fact, there are several pieces of it that i'd like to own:

The style of the range is really art deco: one of my favourite eras for jewellery. I love the black and gold colour combination: I know it's been everywhere this season, but I don't think i'll ever get bored of it. It's a shame there are no brooches in the collection (although good for my wallet: i'd probably bankrupt myself!) but I love the oversized tribal House of Harlow necklace in the first image, in its deco style. I also love the more modern horse shoe necklace in the second image.

I'm still not sure if i'm put off by the celebrity name attached to the range, but I think to pretend I don't like something I actually do like because of that would be pretty superficial. Or would it. What do you guys think of the House of Harlow range? And have you been put off by it/dismissed it as another celebrity fad?

Love, Tor xx


Crafty Nell said...

I love the House of Harlow range, and I love her Winter Kate clothes range too, just a shame they're out of budget really. She has definitely come a long way since the early days of the Simple Life!

Penny x

girlinthecity said...

love, love, love her range - and secretly think she's pretty awesome too (although doubt I would have said that back in the day)

you always have such good taste lady - you're like my shopping guru!

a x