Thursday, 20 January 2011

The importance of being waisted!

Hi guys,
It is often joked that I am rarely seen without a belt around my waist. And it's true: the phrase I most often mutter in changing rooms is "maybe if I added a belt." I have an hourglass figure, and my body looks really wide without something to draw the eye to my waist, so that's the main thing I look for when i'm out shopping. With a constructed dress that cinches in at the waist, or even a waist belt, your whole body shape can change. Behold:
These pictures were taken in the same shop on the same day, but in different changing rooms. Yes, i'm in my beloved Topshop again. The dresses are in the same size, and so am I. I just saw these two pictures on my phone whilst looking for pictures for another post i'm putting together, and thought that side by side they emphasise this point really well. Without the waist definition my upper body looks enormous: imagine how much better the leopard print dress would look with a belt on top too, and compare this to the vast peach mass of the other dress!

I guess this shows how important it is to know how to dress your figure, and the difference that can make to how you look and feel: in this case slim and slinky versus oversized hefferlump! And yes, I did pick up the leopard print dress: but I haven't broken my shopping ban, as I had some gift vouchers left over from Saturday. Free shopping: my favourite!

Love, Tor xx


Tamsin said...

That leopard print dress looks amazing on you! A very flattering cut. I'd be tempted by it if I wasn't on a bit of a shopping badn too, combined with trying to avoid the high street and being off topshop!
I do sometimes wonder if anybody except actual models can wear tent like things and look glamorous.

mixnmatch1 said...

i agree the leopard print one looks fab on you very flattering :)

Filipa said...

It's so great that you know your body so well! I think I'm still learning and getting into it.. You're absolutely right about hourglass figure, it's a pure awesomeness what such a little styling thing as a belt can do to our image :)

Alex said...

I wonder who that peach dress was actually designed for. I think the only way to wear it and not look bigger than you are is to be one of the rare people with teeny tiny arms and legs.

The leopard print dress looks fab on you - great buy!

Sarah said...

The leopard dress looks hot! I don't think many people could pull the peach one off especially as it has a sheen to it!

Sara Cameron said...

I have the same issue and always carry a skinny belt in my handbag when shopping...the 1st outfit is fab!

WendyB said...

LOL @ "hefferlump"!