Thursday, 6 January 2011

January Sales 2011: More from River Island

Hi guys,
I know this is no surprise, but I just couldn't resist popping back in to River Island for another peek at the sales. I approached them with a different attitude this time though: instead of looking for stuff I could wear now (because there definitely isn't much of that in their sale) I decided to look for summer clothes I could wear for my honeymoon, as well as for the summer when the weather finally perks up a bit.

With this new shift in attitude (driven by my new found obsession with forward planning) I found plenty more dresses I wanted to add to my (admittedly rather large) collection:
From top to bottom the dresses were: green dress (£10) Spotty dress (£10) Grey smock (£15) Cream ruffled dress (£10) Black dress (£20) Nude lace dress (£10)

I picked up the first two dresses: the green ruffled mini dress and the nude and gold polka dot dress. I loved the gentle draping from the hips of the nude dress, and have never been able to resist mint green or ruffles! Everything else, in my opinion, looked pretty terrible. The black dress was the one I was most excited to get into the changing room, but it ended up looking the worst: it's always the way!

Have you guys had any sales bargains? Are there any sales I haven't checked out yet that you think have been fantastic? Share you're secrets, I need to hit the shops!

Love, Tor x

PS - I just had a funny thought! I show the Apple iPhone more in these blog posts than they do on their own website! Free advertising or what!?


Rai said...

You look lovely in all of them <3

Alex said...

The green ruffley dress is absolutely beautiful on you - hope you bought it!

Sugarpuff said...

I love the second dress - really flattering

daisychain said...

All these dresses are gorgeous on you! x

Rachel said...

The second dress looks like it was made for you! Absolutely stunning. You find some amazing things!
I was just wondering if you (or anyone) knew what the return policy on sale stuff at River Island was? (I bought some trousers and I really don't do trousers)


You look lovely and River Island sales are so good!
Claudia xxx

mixnmatch1 said...

love the cream and gold spotty one,i was tempted to have another look taday too but didnt have enough time,oh well maybe at weekend :)

Make Do Style said...

Love the top right dress on you - it is fab! xx

ShopeDelano said...

Cute outfits, I love the second dress!

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Michelle said...

Such a pretty finds. I love all of it. You look also fabulous. Big thanks for sharing.

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