Friday, 14 January 2011

Fabfrocks at home: On the wish list!

Hi guys,
Can you believe that there are just six months left until the wedding of the year?! Yes, i'm talking about my wedding of course, not that insignificant Prince, or whatever! Things are really hotting up: vendors are booked, DIY projects are underway, and in the next couple of months Mike and I will get to do the funnest task of all: choosing our gift registry.

The hunt for the perfect gift registry has lead me to all sorts of sites that I wouldn't usually visit, including The Handpicked Collection: lots of unique and unusual gifts, and perfect for our situation because we've been living together a couple of years, so we already have a toaster, kettle, fish slice, etc. Here's what i'd rather have instead:
-Have you ever seen anything cuter than this penguin door stop? I think doorstops shaped like animals are something you can never have enough of.

- A matchbox holder with an elephant on. I didn't even know such things as matchbox holders existed, but now I do I want one for my coffee table!

-Whilst it's true that I can't bake, I think my mangled attempts would look much prettier under this retro cake hood.

-I love this little mini keepsake chest. It's a perfect place to store jewellery or little love notes. This would also make a pretty nifty Mothers day gifts (If you think that far ahead. Which I do.)

-Although the blog is all web 2.0 (*I am aware this is a horrible phrase!) I actually love writing letters and receiving proper post. So I absolutely couldn't resist these stamp mugs!

Ultimately though, the wedding gifts are unimportant. Making a fantasy shopping list for your home is fun, but (without sounding too girly) what really matters is that our friends and family can all just be there to spend the special day with us. And that someone buys me that matchbox holder!

Love, Tor xx


Miss Natz said...

Aww it';s a shame my wedding isn't the wedding of the year, hehe. Yours will rock though. We have asked for donations towards our honeymoon for ours :)

* Reena Rai * said...

Great picks, I've bookmarked the website

Sarah said...

Nice choices. I have a couple of doggie doorstops, they rock! I've started on my sisters button bouquet and would love to see your tutorial as I'm sure it's not that different to using brooches xx