Thursday, 7 March 2013

Fabfrocks loves: Caseable. Design your own and discount code!

Hi guys,
How incredible is this case for my iPad, covered in lovely Fabfrocks branding? (Designed by the talented Carly Watts) It's from Caseable, a company that makes custom cases for smartphones, laptops, tablets and e-readers.  photo caseable2_zpsf859f224.jpg You can either upload your own artwork (which is what I did) or choose from the Caseable gallery of images from a great selection of independent artists. You can also choose the colour of the inside and outside of your case, and personalise it even more with text; I added my blog name to the front and blog URL on the back.  photo caseable1_zpsb52eb0f5.jpg  photo caseable3_zps1c48aa5a.jpg I like it so much that I plan on ordering one for my iPhone with a picture of Wilbur on it. Because cliché or not, that's just what mums do! If you have a tech-savvy mum, these would make a great Mothers Day present (Yes it's coming soon, so don't forget to buy a card!) and I'm planning on having one made for my Dads kindle for his birthday: I really am obsessed with them.

For the eco-warriors amongst you, happily the team at Caseable are committed to recycling: they only use recycled polyester in their products, such as their e-Reader and tablet cases, meaning your case is not only unique to you but it also helps conserve resources and save our environment.

They're pretty affordable too: A phone case comes in at £24.90. A tablet case costs £49.90. If you want one of your very own then shop here.

And for the next two weeks they're even cheaper! Simply enter the exclusive Fabfrocks voucher code fabfrocks10 at checkout, and you will receive a whopping £10 off your order!! The code is valid until midnight on 21st March.

Do you have cases for all of your gadgets?  Are you tempted to design your own? I'd love to know what you would put on your case and what your design would look like!

Love Tor xxx

*I received an iPad case for the purpose of this review


Carly said...

Ah that turned out very well indeed! xxx

Anonymous said...

I don't even have any gadgets, I'm not really into them. However, I love your case so much I'm tempted to get a tablet just so I can get my own custom case!