Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Clothing good enough to eat!

Hi guys,
I'll admit it: I quite often ignore press releases. I get sent so many (too many of them addressed 'Dear Blogger' rather than even knowing my name) that it would be impossible to read them all. But every so often one catches my eye: even less often, I like one so much that I share it with you guys almost verbatim. This is one of those days!

Eccentric European T shirt brand Mr Gugu and Miss Go (you've gotta love that name!) are putting statement back into simple separates. Launching now on Truffle Shuffle is a range of galaxy, psychedelic, and candy inspired printed jersey tees, jumpers and leggings.  photo truffleshuffle_zps08bd5e7d.png Is this my usual style? Hell no! Is there a huge part of me that wants a jumper entirely covered in gummy bears? Hell yes! The greedy girl in me is irrationally excited by the thought of all of this clothing covered in food. I also love the crazy cat jumper, even though I know deep down that its' too hipster for words. I guess sometimes you have to just surrender to your inner hipster!!

Prices start from £24.99 and the collection is available at right now!

Love Tor x

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Anonymous said...

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