Monday, 11 March 2013

Men's fashion: The GANT coloured chino challenge!

Hi guys,
Want to instigate a small episode of marital disharmony? Then I have the perfect recipe! Try wrestling your husband into a pair of bright blue trousers, insist he sits still while you fiddle with his hair, then spend half an hour taking his photo whilst he stands awkwardly, complaining he doesn't know what to do with his hands!

Yes, that's how mike and I spent our morning in the name of the GANT coloured chino challenge ( try saying it fast three times!) but it was totally worth it because by the end of my mini styling session we both agreed that the vibrant blue chinos looked great on him, they made a welcome change from his usual jeans, and he's even planning on wearing a couple of the outfits again!

I am going to call that a massive chino success story! Here's how we styled one pair of chinos three ways:  photo chinos1_zps1e05062b.jpg Outfit 1- This is the chinos styled in a way that is closest to Mike's comfort zone: He loves this River Island coat and underneath he is wearing his favourite weekend uniform of a grey T shirt and black jumper. For full coordination, we added his black Ted Baker shoes.  photo chinos2_zps42deea00.jpg Outfit 2- I would say this is the most casual and the most 'trendy' styling option we tried: I've seen students in the city centre wearing very similar outfits on a Saturday afternoon. The jumper is from Primark and the shoes are Converse.  photo chinos3_zpsaa7211e3.jpg Outfit 3- Finally this is the outfit I liked most. Ben Sherman shirt, Clarks shoes and satchel from Debenhams. All items I've bought for Mike as presents, which probably explains my slight bias towards them; but in this look especially, I think he looks great! He also has the best accessory with this outfit - a mini-me in matching trousers. Because coloured chinos work for everyone!

What do you think? Do you like the idea of a chap in coloured trousers and would your man be brave enough to give it a go?

Love Tor x

* We received the chinos from Gant for the purpose of this review

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