Monday, 4 March 2013

Rihanna for River Island launches tomorrow

Hi guys,
If you've been waiting to get your hands on the Rihanna for River Island collection then its time to set your alarm clock: the collection launches online at 1am tomorrow morning. It's been a while since there has been such a fuss about a high street collaborative collection: you know something's going to be big when Rihanna turning up late for the launch makes the national news!
 photo rihanna2_zps8177942f.png The collection is very much Rihanna's style, and perfect for the average River Island shopper. The styling and the catwalk show was a little too flesh-baring for my personal prudish tastes (but it was very Rihanna) however actually there are several pieces in the collection that I like and that I would wear: I'd just team them with more clothes! The vibrant yellow is perfect for summer and the floral pattern is modern and very wearable.
 photo rihanna1_zps7f2c118f.png As a general rule, I worry when a non-designer celebrity puts their name to a collection. I'm always interested to know exactly how much involvement the celebrity has in designing the collection: do they pick the fabrics, draw the designs? Think about how the designs will suit the average customer in the store?

I know some celebs have more involvement than others, but I just struggle picturing Rihanna slaving over a drawing board somehow....  photo rihanna3_zps01b45ea6.png So is the collection a credit to the design team that created it? Well it's nice, this kind of urban styling is very on-trend at the moment. But it's not exactly innovative. And there's certainly nothing that will invoke me to set my alarm to go shopping in the middle of the night: I just don't like any of it enough, although I will say I don't dislike it either!

Have you been waiting for the Rihanna for River Island collection? Will you be awake and clicking frantically to get the collection at 1am, or are you letting this one pass you by?

Love Tor x


Carly said...

I'm not fussed about this collection at all - it seems the team have just thought, what does Rihanna already wear and copied that. I seriously doubt she had much input! xxx

Anonymous said...

I don't love it but I think it's ok. The navy blue crop jumper is kind of perfect, though. I want that!