Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Daily wear: My new uniform

Hi guys,
Everyone has a daily uniform, whether you're given a prescribed work uniform or not. Your uniform is your go- to outfit for speed, comfort, style. You could be a jeans girl or a leggings girl. Always wear black, or only wear bright colours.  Most people wear a variation of that same outfit everyday. I know I do!
 photo uniform3_zpsbf127b54.jpg  photo uniform1_zps1fdc5055.jpg  photo uniform2_zps05b267eb.jpg  photo uniform4_zps39443708.jpg Jeans, Miss Selfridges. Blouse, River Island. Boots, Georgia Rose c/o Sarenza. Baby bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs. Bracelets, See by Chloe.

It used to be that my go to uniform for work everyday was a black dress or black tunic and a funky jacket. I love a jacket! But since I've been staying at home with Wilbur my lifestyle has changed and my uniform has too! For going to baby groups, coffee mornings, walks in the park, my new uniform is this. Jeans, comfy boots, baby changing bag, and a pretty blouse. I'm looking forward to the day when my uniform goes back to being pretty dresses and heels (I really miss heels!) but for now I am embracing the jeans and blouse look. And I like it!

Am I right? Do you wear the same type of uniform outfit everyday? And if so, what's yours?

Love Tor x


char said...

I'm not sure if I have one really, I tend to wear dresses most of the time, with heels, wehther I'm going to work or it's the weekend and I'm off to the shops. I sometimes feel like a change, though and opt for something like shorts and an oversized blouse with some brogues for day to day.

Jet Shanahan said...

I have two uniforms. Jeans and boots. Or a pretty dress and boots. It varies depending on where I am and what I'm doing on a day.