Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Welcome to the Converse family!

Hi guys,
When Sarenza posted a picture of their new baby Converse range on their Facebook wall, I immediately knew I had a have a pair for the bump. Then, when I started looking at all of the Converse available on the website (and there really are loads!) I decided, hell, why not get a pair for every member of the family?!

Mike is a fairly casual kind of chap, so buying him trainers isn't a hard task. Instead of standard Converse, I opted for a wider and softer pair that looked similar to the Vans he usually sports. The Verdict: He really likes them and he's wearing them loads, which is testimony enough! 

Finding a pair I really liked for myself was a little more difficult, because I already have a silver pair of Converse that fill my casual shoe needs. So I decided to stick with my shiny space man Converse, and get myself a pair of summer boots (to be showcased in a later post) instead! 

Here's the final selections: 

Baby Converse, Sarenza
Womens Converse my own: there is this similar pair from Sarenza
Mens Converse, Star Player in Olive, Sarenza

The baby shoes come in a beautful little box, so if you're looking for a gift for a new mum/baby that's a little more fashionable than a standard teddy bear, these would be my first pick. That I'm a shoe addict is a well-documented fact, but I really am a sucker for teeny tiny little shoes! I predict that the bump is going to end up having a bigger shoe collection than me - and that's saying something.

Sarenza shoes for everyone, and we're officially a family of Converse fans!

Love Tor xx 

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The Style PA said...

I got my friend's baby Converse as a christening gift. Unconventional, but uber-cool!