Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Fabfrocks at Home: Visit the creepy circus

Hi guys,
Having moved house (and city!) less than a month ago, we are currently busying ourselves with painting, decorating, and themeing all of the rooms in our new pad. I love a themed room, as much as I love a themed wedding, outfit, or party! It's the theatre of it that appeals, as well as knowing exactly what to expect when you open a door. It means you can create some sense of order from the vintage junk yard my rooms tend to look like by the time I've finished with them.

Once of the rooms in the house (which one will be revealed later once it's finished) is going to be circus themed. That means I've been trawling all of my favourite haunts (Ebay, Etsy, Car boot sales and junk shops basically) looking for as much vintage-inspired circus paraphernalia as possible.
My first stop was eBay, where I have been picking up old repro Barnham and Bailey circus prints and postcards for less than £2 each (I got the set of six postcards for £2.50). I've put them in RIBA photoframes from IKEA in the sale, which were reduced to £7.20, from approx £14.99.  I have two more frames, and am trawling the listings daily waiting for two more perfect posters to pop up.

For the soft furnishings my mum and I are making a lot of them ourselves, but I just couldn't resist the following options from Etsy:
Barnum and Bailey cushion cover, Spooky Shades, £22.37
Victoriana Animal cushion cover, StevieBhandmade, £30

And there's more! Not on the high street is also a cavern of wonder when it comes to finding old-school circus treasure. There is literally circus stuff everywhere I turn at the moment!
These wooden blocks from Chippernelly would make great paper weights, and they're only £10.95 And I can't work out what I want to do with these carnival/fair tickets, but for just £3 a roll I'm sure I can think of something! Use it to trim paper bunting perhaps?!

The best thing about this room theme is that it will and can work for literally every room in the house. Imagine how much more fun it would be to work in the circus themed office? Or eat in a circus themed dining room? Hell if you found the perfect red and white striped wall paper you could even make this work for a seriously cool bathroom! The possibilities are endless!

Do you theme your rooms/interior decor, either intentionally or unintentionally? And what do you think of the circus theme? Is it something you'd be tempted to try?

Love Tor xx

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Sophie said...

Sounds tacky as hell (which works for you, I suppose)