Sunday, 22 August 2010

Tights: The transitional season's saviour!

Morning guys,

My mind has been elsewhere and the blog has been someone neglected this week - my bad! As winter approaches and it's time to start thinking about our new season clobber (this must be true, all the magazines say so!) I realise that harder than getting your winter wardrobe out is handling the transition - going from summer to winter without looking like you're wearing half of your summer wardrobe and half of your winter one (which is what most of us do!) is a nightmare! My answer to this? Bring out the tights!

With brightly coloured tights you can still get away with wearing your favourite vibrant summer frocks (you just need to add a jacket!) Black tights get me through my working week, and patterned tights add detail to even the plainest outfit. They're a coloured saviour!
On I fell in love with these Bebaroque designs: at £25 for the tassled pair and £37 for the sequinned ones they aren't cheap (despite the fact that these are the 50% off prices!) but they really would be the focal point of whatever outfit you teamed them with; they're just too gorgeous to resist! I've just ordered the rosette ones, so i'll let you know how I get on with them when they arrive!

And if you have slightly better pins than me, I still love the Henry Holland for Pretty Polly patterned tights: I just don't have the legs to pull of all the sheer panels, sadly. The price points aren't bad on these though, and you'll pick a pair up for less than a tenner; some of the newer designs are slightly more at £14.99. If you love these but (like me) don't want to get your pins out then something I tried last winter, with the pink house ones, that worked was putting a pair of white opaque tights underneath them. It kept me extra toasty too!!

If you're looking to get your tights at a more reasonable price then:
-Dorothy Perkins has a deal on theirs: £8 for 2 pairs of their 80/50 denier tights.
- You can get 30 different styles of tights on asos (Including a gorgeous 80 denier mustard pair) for a fiver or less
- Primark have just had their new season hosiery arrive (literally this week!) with prices starting from £1.

Love, Tor xxx

PS - Lovely little sis has her big op tomorrow, and we are taking her to the hospital this afternoon, so my posting might be sporadic for a couple of days - few things take priority over fashion, but this is definitely one of them, and all my free time will either be spent in the hospital with Amie, or with the rest of my family.


Christina Sanders said...

Hey doll. I am a huge tights fan. But normally just stock to the black ones! I did love the Henry Holland but I know so many people who got them and snagged them first time! So now I'm scared. I know I'd be upset - I hate laddered tights!

Love Christina x

minnja said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Lucy Lights said...
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Lucy Lights said...

I'll be thinking of your sister, Tor.

I'm desperate for these babies:

But I just know that I'll ladder them on one of my nails as soon as I put them on and that's £7.99 down the drain... I'm going to have a sniff around Primark and see if they have any super cheap!

Jettica said...

I love the Henry Holland tights but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't fit me.

I have literally just bought those mustard tights from ASOS though. Can't wait for them to arrive.

Jodie said...

I'm not usually a fan of sequins but those tights are gorgeous! Currently obsessed with, they've got some great designs