Thursday, 26 August 2010

New season picks: ASOS love

With the Very disaster just about sorted (i've been promised the money should be back in my account by next Wednesday, fingers crossed) i've turned to my trusty ASOS to look for my new Autumn dresses. The price points are better, and i've never been let down with delivery or refunds! I'm looking for lovely casual dresses with sleeves that can be dressed down with brogues and cardigans or up to look good for evenings too (think work to pub). Here are my picks of the dresses from the new ASOS Autumn collections:
White twisted knot dress, £40. Lime bell sleeved dress, £28. Pink tunic dress, £38. Do you sense a trend with my dress choices?! This is what i'm feeling for Autumn/Winter though. Short long sleeved dresses in vibrant colours perfect to be teamed with contrasting tights and an array of oversized accessories. Very Sixties, very simple, but with high impact. I'n definitely going to get the lime green one. From the evening (Is it too soon to mention Christmas parties? Eeek!) I would opt for these:
Digital print dress, £55. Slinky black dress, £38. Oversized sequin shift dress, £85. The slinky black dress would cover my arms, show off my waist and cleavage, and has perfect party dress written all over it! Another one for the list..

Of course, when looking on ASOS I couldn't just stop at looking at dresses: a little peek at the shoes was a neccessity as well! I'm a self-confessed shoe addict, and the changing season is as good an excuse as any to pick up a new pair, or two! I could use a new pair of everyday flats, and a flattering pair of black ankle boots (not as easy to find as you'd think!) What I don't need is heels, yet that's where my eyes are drawn every time i'm looking at shoes. Here are my favourites from ASOS:
Nude leather loafer, £50. Leather lace-up ankle boots, £45. Leopard print shoe boots, £80. Pink brogues, £28. Peep toed heels, £70. I know that the lace up ankle boots are the sensible options I will actually wear. And that the shoe boots or crazy high 80s looking heels will maim my feet and make me cry, and i'll never wear them. But the're still my first choice; I guess that's just how shoes get you! I am attracted to the hot pink brogues though; they're sensible shoes designed to get your pulse racing, and that doesn't happen very often!

Overall, i'm a little bit in love with ASOS (aren't I always) and can't wait for my deliver of lovely goodies to arrive!! I'll show you all what I got as soon as they get here! Yay!!

Love, Tor xxx


MrJeffery said...

all of these are gorgeous.

Make Do Style said...

Love the first 3 ASOS dresses - I love dresses so it is always so tempting. Yes stick to ASOS they are the best xx