Tuesday, 24 August 2010

100 days of Active Resistance

I had to write about this new project I was emailed about this afternoon, as it is brought to us by Vivienne Westwood, and she has never failed to make it into my top three list of favourite designers: as far as i'm concerned, she can do no wrong! If I could afford to, i'd wear her dresses (and jackets) every day.
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Lee are launching an online installation called ‘100 Days of Active Resistance’ on the 8th of September. They asking the public to participate by submitting an artwork or photograph that best represents Vivienne’s principle idea of Active Resistance and everyday one artwork will be featured on the website for the next 100 days, finishing with an exhibition displaying the best selection of artworks they've received.

Here's what Active Resistance is about from the main lady herself: “The principle idea of Active Resistance is that you get out of life what you put in and that real experience of the world involves thinking. It is not enough to follow world politics, see films and read the prize-winning best seller. This is superficial, you need to go deep in order to understand who you are, what the world is and how things could be better. This involves culture which can only be acquired by self-education: human beings should mirror the world.”

I have no talent for this kind of thing (the quality of the photography on this blog is testament to this!) but if you do, then take a photo, create an image, and use your creativity to show your active resistance! Visit www.ar100days.com from the 8th September to make a submission and get involved, and for more info, and to get some all-important ideas, visit www.activeresistance.co.uk now!

Love, Tor xxx

Image from FTape.com

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