Sunday, 8 August 2010

Aussie colour mate tribe party

Last night was the Aussie colour mate tribe party: All of the Aussie Angels have been divided into tribes according to their hair type, and of course the colour tribe was the one for me!
We were asked to come in costume as our colour idol, and who else would I choose but Lady Gaga? So with the help of an awful lot of make up, some empty coke cans, thirty hair pins, and more than half a can of hairspray, I Gaga-ed up! My beautiful guests Amie and Louise went as Lily Allen and Audrey Hepburn respectively. We met with our other tribe members, and enjoyed a range of cocktails whilst having a demonstration of a handy updo that looks chic without applying heat to damaged coloured hair:So far so good. But things were only going to get better....
...The evening's entertainment was truly outstanding!! Drag queen Lady Gaga and drag queen Beyonce came to meet us and perform; i'd never seen a man do the splits whilst shaking his booty before! It was a sight to behold! I fell slightly in love with Gaga, although it's slightly upsetting that he looked better in his costume than I did (and had considerably more impressive legs than any other woman in the room!) We had an amazing time.
De-Gaga-ing this morning wasn't quite the nightmare I was expecting: I shampooed twice using the Aussie colour mate shampoo and then absolutely drenched it in the colour mate conditioner and left it for five minutes. It combed straight through and felt smooth and soft. I also tried one of the tips we were told by the stylist: I only conditioned the bottom 2/3 of my hair. Usually I condition it all, but apparently it leaves the hair really heavy. Well I can't believe what a difference it's made: my hair has bounce and a little volume it doesn't usually have at the roots!

Such a fun night out, and great hair tips to boot: what more could you want for an evening?

Love, Tor xxx


Lisa said...

Looks fun!
Just wanted to say I started using Aussie products because you mentioned how good it was for coloured hair and it makes my hair feel so much nicer! and smells great too! So thanks :D

Christina Sanders said...

It was such great fun wasn't it! And you looked fantastic!
I loved your gaga-ness.

Christina xox