Wednesday, 11 August 2010

My vintage charms: Make your own jewellery

Have you ever been looking for a piece of jewellery to go with an outift, but nothing in the shops is quite right? Or wanted to wear a piece of jewellery that you know you won't see on anyone else? There's nothing nicer than that feeling that something you've wearing is unique to you. And I also love the feeling of having made something myself: I make a lot of my own headbands, and am always taking charms off old necklaces to make new ones.
I found this website called my vintage charms where you can buy all manner of charms perfect for making DIY jewellery: they're divided into categories such as circus, wonderland, paris, oz, and many more. They also sell the chains (which are only 65p each) and fastenings to secure your charms to your necklace. Another idea I love is to just thread the charms onto ribbon for a cutesy homemade feel. (I always get carried away when there's DIY to be done!)
I've ordered lots of stuff from the Alice collection to make personalised necklaces for each of my hens on my hen 'do: i'm also stitching little pouches to put each necklace in. I think it's a much better gift than the usual pile of plastic willies you usually get at these things!!

They're really easy to make (you can even simplify it further by threading the charms straight onto the chain without using the jumprings, with no extra work) and the charms are pretty inexpensive too: by making them yourself your necklaces will be much cheaper than by buying them from the highstreet! You could also use all of the charms to make bracelets, and even earrings: a little bit of creativity and a few pounds spent, and the world is your oyster. (That's the jewellery world of course, not the whole world, which I think is a little more expensive!) I can't wait for my supplies to arrive and get started: i'll show you what I make!

Love, Tor xx


i love bows:) said...

i love my vintage charms:)
dammit i was trying to keep them secret, cos i sell loads of jewellery made from stuff from that site on my blogshop, when its all set up!!!

hahahaha have you seen the barbie and jackie magazine charms-i think they will be my next purchase!!!

vics xx

Amy from Forever Curiouser said...

my secret is out too now aha, i kid its a great site =] x

Sister Wolf said...

This is a gret tip! Thanks!