Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The Topshop sale: Where the mighty fall

I woke up yesterday morning feeling brave and decided to leave my bed. I know, i'm crazy! So I dressed (rather shabbily i'm ashamed to admit) and hit the Topshop sale.

Now im sorry to disapoint you lovely readers, but I think the motherland has seriously let us down: On the whole I was rather unimpressed. Rather than finding wintery dresses or snuggly knitwear, or in fact anything from the A/W07 collection, the rails were full of dresses and T-shirts left over from last summer. For me, this wasn't a terrible situation: i'm heading to the states in March (I know, get me!) and needed some extra bits and bobs. But under normal circumstances I think I would've escaped after a fruitless rummage through the first 3 rails. Not the January Sales experience i'd been looking forward to!

But then lo and behold, what should I find, but this:

No, not Kate Moss (even i'm not that good a shopper!) but the white 'must-have' 1 shoulder dress from her first collection for Topshop.

I'm not going to tell you a lie, dear reader; I slated the Kate Moss @ TS collection from the off. The concept, the shabby designs, the (over)price: non of this sat well with me. But I also secretly coverted that little white dress. As did a bevvy of sensible and rather fashionable celebs such as Selma Blair:

And she and I weren't the only ones. I'm sure i'm not telling you anything new when I talk of the hype that surrounded the launch of the first collection. Topshop hired bouncers and implemented a limited purchase system of just 5 items per person, allowing each person to view the collection for only 20 minutes. And hundreds of excited Moss/Topshop/Fashion fans queued for hours for this privelage. The collection was predicted to sell out within the first week: good news for Phillip Green and Ms Moss who was paid £3 million for putting her name to (ahem. i mean 'designing') the collection.

Or so they thought. Cue my visit to the January sales where the rails are full of left over Kate Moss-wear and the 'designer' styles are cheaper than a plain white topshop tee. I always thought Kate Moss would look good in anything, but it seems even she can't pull off the 'hate to say i told you so, you've got egg on your face' look. The general public have spoken with their spending power yet again, and the verdict is that Kate should get back to her day job: wearing mediocre outfits and hanging out with Indie boys. Still, Kates loss is my gain. 1 perfect coverted dress for a mere £4.50. Yup, that's £45.50 less than rrp. And whilst i'm no Selma Blair, I think it looks rather lovely:

Kate Moss eat your heart out, eh?

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J said...

Go you, it does look lovely. I remember how lovely the dress was when it was out x