Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Bring us glory, bring us fame: Help us win a bloggie!!

Fame, glory, high fashion......Becky and I crave all these things! Crave, I tell you!!! And now you can help us achieve those things, you lucky thing you!

Some clever person (I suspect my sister or Becky's lovely boyfriend) has nominated us for an award in the 8th annual weblog awards (The bloggies) Now of course we don't really think we'll win (although I have started asking for victory in my prayers at night rather than YSL shoes) but we might stand a teeny tiny chance if you help us!

Just click here to visit the Bloggies nomination page and then vote for us in whatever category you see fit- although it would be nice to get votes for the fashion blog award and the new blog award obviously! You will receive rewards for your kindness in fashion heaven, where designer dresses are plentiful and YSL shoes grow on trees (It's my fantasy, and I can grow whatever shoes I want to!)

Thank you!!!!
The Fabfrocks girls x

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