Monday, 28 January 2008

Disney celebrates: Celeb style!

With passions as abstract as mine, it's not often I get to write about them both at the same time: In fact, they often seem diametrically opposed. Fashion and Disney. I often despair that fashion has no sense of humour whereas Disney has bucketloads. I love Disney films, and Disney characters, and spending as much time as I possibly can in Disneyworld- In fact, in my desperate bid to combine my 2 first loves i'm like a big kid, I even source out Disney clothes and make people wear them!

Unflattering Minnie Mouse sweater dress £12 from George at Asda (Also available in black) Becky's bemused look: models own.

For all of you non-Disney geeks out there, this year is Disneys "Year of a million dreams", an initiative which started last year and continues all the way through 2008. Basically speaking, over a million dreams will be randomly awarded during the 2008 Disney Dreams Giveaway. These can range from meeting your favourite character, to a week long Disney cruise. (And if anyone from Disney is reading this, when I head over in March I really want to be in one of the parades: make it happen!)

To celebrate (and no doubt advertise) the'Year of a Million Dreams' Disney have hired Annie Leibovitz to shoot a celeb-packed series of photos of the same title. Leggy model Gisele Bunchen starred in the shoot which also starred Jennifer Lopez, her husband Marc Anthony, Whoopi Goldberg, Jessica Biel, and Tina Fey.
The only way I can think to describe this image is "Disney for grown ups". Gisele looks ethereal and the wind blowing through her nightshirt transforms it into a beautiful gown. Yet the picture also has quite sinister overtones: the lighting is darker than the usual candy coloured array you expect from Disney, Tinkerbell seems to be casting a spell over Gisele who looks both entranced and unhappy. And rather than stand at the window, the Peter seems to be falling from it, his life balanced precariously on a ledge. This image is a more traditional representation of a classic Disney pose, although my eye is drawn away from the sickening couple, and JLo in gold lame', and towards the beautiful background setting and the way the Annie has caught the sun setting over the desert so beautifully. As an aside, does anyone else think of Jordan and Peter singing "A whole new world" when they look at this image? If not, sorry to put that nightmare in your head!

Whoopi Goldberg as the genie. Pure. Genius. Fact. I love the movement in her hair and that her jewellery is beautiful and subtle: implying the bondage of a genie without resorting to costumes and trickery.

Anyway. If you made it this far, thanks for indulging me and my love of Disney (A love that dares not speak its name) Oh, and one more thing:

Well, all those celebs are indulging in their Disney fantasies, why shouldn't I?*

*Sorry, I couldn't resist!

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I am a Disney fan as well and enjoyed your post. Just wanted to say hello - followed you from Daddy Likey.