Thursday, 3 January 2008

They call him George. George of Asda...

An unfortunate mixture of slight flu and 2 essays with hellish word limts (as yet unwritten) means that unlike the lovely Miss Becky, I am yet to venture out into the weird and wonderful world of the January sales. Having said that, I am prepared to step on her neck to slip my foot into those Dior heels. God knows what i'd do to her if I could buy them......

Anyway. All these factors considered, I did have a sneak preview of the wonders I have to behold this weekend (when poor foolish boyfriend has promised to rescue me from essay hell and sweep me away to the shops) when I went to the supermarket with my lovely mummy. And not just any Supermarket; oh no! Asda. Home of George (of Asda)

George at Asda has gone from a chain of five stores in 1990 to being one of the biggest players on the UK clothing market, being present in more than 250 Asda stores and selling through four standalone stores. (One of which is in lovely Norwich: hurray!) George, which was set up by fashion mogul George Davies, also sells ranges in Canada, Mexico, Germany, Korea, Japan and the US.

So now you know everything there is to know about George. Wasn't that lovely? Ahem. Designer heaven it may not be. Luxurious fabrics you will find not there. But if your idea of heaven is 100% cotton cardigans, comfy dresses and cheap sequins (and whose isn't?) Then get thee to the George sale. And do it now!

For £10.50 I purchased an oversized black sequinned top, a knitted dress, a long line 100% cotton school cardigan, a gingham dress, and an oversized silver slouch bag. Thats just £2 an item! (apart from the bag: I pushed the boat out and paid £2.50!)

Given my snotty nose, scarecrow hair (at this stage unbrushed for 3 days) and inability to remove myself from this nice warm bed, I won't be inflicting pictures of myself in these goodies upon you. And there are no pictures of them at the George online store. Instead i've selected a belted cape, enamel clasp belt, and black stud neck dress (which looks like the Kate Moss one, but this one's a fiver!) from the George online sale range to woo and tempt you. And I intend to get my grubby little mitts on all of them as soon as I have the willpower to get dressed and hit the shops!

Happy shopping, and Happy New Year!!

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