Thursday, 10 January 2008

Many hours of online pleasure: our gift to you!

Another day, another 'do I or don't I leave the house' conundrum. The problem with winter is that after looking out the window for a minute or two, all I want to do is keep my pajamas on, curl up on the sofa, and make a nice cup of tea. And even in this passive state, when you need a fashion moment (which I often do) all you have to do is switch on your trusty laptop: you just can't lose!

After all the fun of the style shake site, I went searching for my next fix of online interactive pleasure. And I found it in the most unusual place:

The H&M website has a wonderful function, powered by the clever peeps at My Virtual model Inc, that allows you to create your own model by inputting your weight, height, and body shape. Becky and I had hours of fun playing with this last night with my model looking curvy and busty and Beckys looking tall and slender. You can make the model as tall and skinny or short and curvy (see below) as you like, provided you can still wear a dress size catered for by H&M (which makes sense really, otherwise what's the point of 'trying on' the clothes!)

Now comes the fun part: dressing the model! Your model can wear any of the clothes available ranging from evening dresses to colourful socks (or maybe go crazy and try both)

I don't think the range of outfits available is nearly extensive enough: certainly there are far fewer clothes here than you would find in a standard online store. But there is enough variety for the function to be fun (and slightly addictive) and enable you to create some pretty or truly horrible outfits.

You can further personalise your model by adding your own face to the function which is then superimposed onto the body you have created. You can even add the faces of your friends, boyfriends, mum....well you get the idea: anyone really! Or maybe make your mortal enemy look truly hideous....... Take that Susie Bubble! I force puffa jackets, cheap polyester and flat shoes on you for all of your sins (Namely that you were invited to Chanel, people like your blog more than ours, and your wardrobe is better than mine) Anyway, now that i've got that of my chest....Yes as Susie has kindly shown, the tool allows you to style many a fashion monstrosity. In fact, I was rather kind to her as H&M (perhaps due the the nature of their instore ranges) allows things to get much much worse.

In order to show the terror you can inflict using this clever tool, (and that you can add backgrounds too) Beck and I have gone totally Pretty Woman on all of your asses: yards of our naked (virtual) flesh inappropriated adorned with hooker clothes. And we won't even charge you $3000 for your virtual pleasure.....

I actually don't think we could be any sexier. Sometimes, thats just how we roll..... x

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