Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Holy Press Sample Calamity!

Hello blogosphere,

It's way exciting that we're on Stylebubble's link list now. We've had a bump in visitors from pilgrims from that site which must mean, therefore, surely-maybe-kinda that Grazia photospreads, glassy-eyed Nigella style cookery segments and pet dressing advice columns in Pop await us. I plan to show my nipples every chance I get - by summer they'll be more familiar to you than your mother's most tender smile.

I'll be honest, I'm besieged with things to write about and quip merrily over. But instead of delighting y'all with original content, I'm going to update the Topshop capsule range situation. My jokes cannot compete with designer endorsed high street lurex and I know that now.

Here, for your delectation is a more complete look at both the Louise Goldin and Jonathan Saunders ranges, hot off the press from Look magazine.

Uh, hmm. Does anyone notice a decided difference in quality from the Vogue shoot?
It just goes to show what a difference a model makes. Here, these dresses look flat and a little lumpen. In fact, they could be the crew's uniform on the brave space voyages of Starship 80s. (the hoodie is fo' off-duty look, yo). Hmm. I shall reserve ultimate judgement until I see them on bodies.

Jonathan Saunders's stuff looks in slightly better shape although we've still got that intergalactic 80s geometric vibe going on.

I enjoy the silver t-shirt dress, especially as it looks to feature an attractive glittering floorplan as its motif. Hey Saunders, where's the fire exit? is a fine name for a dress. However, though I feel I've seen the t-shirt before and in a million charity shops, I fairly enjoy the tired geometric Aztec face on the white dress. Additionally, I've spoken before of my love of the classic Saunders black-dress-with-waterfall-of-colour, although I prefer the sunset tones in the Observer preview.

Still Thandie loves Jonathan's bright designs!! Isn't that reassuring? Now that we're on first names terms and everything, I feel way confident in my sartorial choices. Thandie Newton wouldn't steer you wrong. She's very pretty and she taught us racism is bad. and panel dresses are good

Hey Look, I'm a friend and long-term reader. You know that bit in Mean Girls where Regina explodes at Stacey: "Stacey, stop trying to make 'fetch' happen. It isn't going to happen." Well, Look, it's kind of the same deal with the whole calling Topshop/Toppers debacle. C'mon. It's not catching on. For the good of the young people, just stop and we'll act like it never happened.

Your pal,

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Melanie said...

i think you should wait and save your $$ for the eventual Jonathan Saunders for target collection.

see wwd.com!