Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Can Fashion Save the World?

On Friday 15 February 2008 at 7pm (thats about a fortnight away)Katherine Hamnett is giving a lecture at the V&A called Can Fashion Save the World? where she talks with the journalist Miranda Sawyer about the challenges of ethical fashion.

Katherine Hamnett is probably best-known for her political T-shirts with slogans such as 'Free Burma'. A percentage of the proceeds of the sale of this t-shirt go to funding scholarships for Burmese students planning to return to Burma

All of the Tshirts are organic cotton and printed in the UK with water-based, environmentally friendly printing ink. Katherine lobbies for major changes in manufacturing and agricultural practices; ethical all the way. And you get the feeling she really really cares: when you visit the shop section of the website not only do you get to look at pretty clothes, you get to read a paragraph about the ethics behind them.

This cute T comes with the message that "We get 98% of our oxygen from the sea; the sea is dying because of pollution. and environmental degradation." See? You can't just wear it, you have to understand it too!

I'm really interested to listen to the lecture and hear what Ms Hamnett has to say (although i am a little afraid that she might put me off my minor primark addiction) And I really want to wear this little T when I accept my prize for winning the Miss World competition.....

Just to make this post sound even more like an advert, entrance is £7.50, concessions available

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I want big hair said...

great! thanks! i think i might pop along to that lecture...