Saturday, 12 January 2008

The pants of a glamour model.......

This afternoon I popped over to Asda to buy a packet of rocket (just more insight into my oh-so-glamourous life for you, dear reader) and naturally I just happened to have a glance at George. There sale is pretty much over now, and they already have alot of their new season stock instore. Which is nice. But today, believe it or not, i'm not going to write about clothes. Because today I wandered down a section of the george department i've never bothered with before: I looked at the underwear.

Now as a lady 'blessed' (or cursed depending on how you look at it) with an ample busom and a slender back, buying highstreet underwear is rarely something I get the chance to do: I buy alot of my underwear from specialist online stores and they invariably come in 3 designs: plain black, plain white, plain grey. Not what you;d call inspiring or sexy. But today I realised those clever folks at Geoge at Asda had a solution for ladies just like me: and that solution comes in the form of the infamous glamour model, Jordan (aka Katie Price)
Kate Price Basic bra, £12 (Copyrighted images stolen from Asda website, oops!)

Katie Price has a range of self-named, very reasonably priced underwear available at George which comes in sizes 32-38 D-G. And not only are the prices reasonable and the sizes ample enough, the designs are also that rarest of things for us larger bosomed ladies: very pretty.
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Katie Price bra, £16. Katie Price shorts, £10

The fabric of the range is lovely, and feels really nice quality, the cut is genourous and the stitching on the fancier designs is beautiful. I left Asdas this afternoon with a packet of rocket, a bra, a basque, and 2 pairs of fancy shorts, all from the Katie Price range (except the rocket, which was asda's own brand)

Who'd have thought i'd be taking style advice from the most cliched glamour model of them all!?But Katie has got this range of lingerie spot on, and it really fills a gap in the market. I have to say, just this once: Mrs Andre, I salute you!

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Briana said...

Quite by accident I found a curious video that katie price in his youth. Such an abomination, I had not expected. I thought it decent girl! I still do not believe in something that saw!
I was shocked and did not believe in what I see!
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