Friday, 25 January 2008

The Great Big Tidy

Having a walk-in wardrobe has always been my dream. In fact, that's the reason i'm living in this hovel as apposed to another (no doubt equally untidy) student house, one that might actually have central heating and double glazing: However, I saw this wardrobe and couldn't walk away.

The problem with this dream wardrobe however, is that with all that storage space, I don't have any incentive to tidy up, and my precious wardrobe ends up looking like a tropical storm whirled through it.

This post isn't about how often I clean up my room though, as exciting a story as i'm sure that would be. Instead, it's about that magic feeling you get when your cleaning up and you find a hidden fashion gem you haven't seen for a long time and had forgotten you even owned. Finding these little treats is better than going shopping, because they're unexpected and you don't have to pay a penny for them. (Free is my favourite price!)

During this weekends cleaning misadventures-because my life is so glam- I found a hat, 3 tiny clutches (which for some reason I had stuffed inside each other) and a paper bag topped check skirt.

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