Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Hide my eyes, make me pretty

I admit it, i'm one of that rare breed of horrible (potentially pretentious) people that wears sunglasses in the winter. Cold sunny days make me happy because they mean I can protect my eyes stylishly from the bright white light.

I don't hate myself for my winter sunglasses wearing ways too much though, because i'll have you know i'm in good company (no,dear reader, i am not thinking of Victoria Beckham!)

Jackie Onassis, widow of the former US president JFK and all round style-icon was famous for wearing her statement shades all year round and even today "Jackie O glasses" is a phrase used synonomously with "oversized glasses". Sigh. And noone before or since has ever pulled off the look so effortlessly. All hail queen Jackie! We oversized shades enthusiasts salute you (whatever the time of year)!

Now even if you don't subscribe to the "i'll wear sunglasses with everything goddammit" philosophy-and if you don't you should really think about it- with summer just around the corner (I promise it is, you can almost smell it) now is the perfect time to invest in a brand new pair of super cool-because no other kind of cool will do- shades. With this in mind, Miss Becky and I set out to find the finest of the finest sunglasses for your viewing pleasure.

Our first stop was H&M, as they are one of the only few highstreet stores to have their new summer sunglasses range in stock already:

Help! Our noses seem to have disapeared! Bad, bad H&M.......

For these fine oversized offerings in a variety of different shapes and colours, H&M deserve a ginormous thumbs up. And with each pair coming in at under £5, they represent extrordinary value for money (particularly if, like me, you sit on and therefore break at least 3 pairs every summer regardless of price or quality)

With this minor eyewear victory under our belt, we headed jauntily (because Becky had brought a new hat from H&M, and jauntily is the only way you can possibly walk sporting a new hat) to the House of Frazer.

As you can no doubt tell from my scrambled enthusings above, I am somewhat of an oversized shades obsessive, so I didn't think I was going to like the Rayban wayfarers worn by such celebs as Kelly Osbourne and Sienna Miller (just in case you don't look at any gossipy celeb blogs now and again!) I usually much prefer Rayban aviators. Especially the dark brown ones. But these glasses were suprisingly comfortable and flattering: particularly as they cut under my (relatively new) fringe- a problem I have been having with the bigger styles.

Becky looked particualry glamourous in these Spitfire offerings, but we both agreed that given their dark colour and shape, they were just too big for her lovely face. In fact, the House of Frazer sunglasses department was a bit of a disapointment, particularly for Becky, with this Dior shades making her pull her saddest and unhappiest face:

Poor, poor becky! If you promise to stop pulling that frog face I shall turn you into a princess to make you feel a little better:

*** Original picture taken from talented charicaturist Killia Llano

Oh Miss O! You really are!

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