Saturday, 19 January 2008

I wanna be a rock chick, but I don't have a guitar!

Has anyone else noticed that it doesn't just rain anymore? It floods.
This weekend is another one of those cold miserable drizzly weekends (standard January in England weather, really) and i've decided i'm not leaving the house. I'm not going shopping, i'm not going to the pub, I can't even be tempted by getting dressed up and going to a restaurant. I'd much rather stay in and play guitar hero whilst eating pizza.

I am a Guitar hero Addict: I needed a fully thought out 12 point plan to wean me off the machine so I could sit down and write this post. There's nothing quite like standing in the middle of your living room with a plastic guitar, the volume of your tv pumped up, your body swaying, feeling like a genuine Goddess of Rock. Which leads me neatly to today's post, and is also my reason for writing it: Rock Chick styling.

The Rock Chick look is so popular it's almost like a cliche. Even GMTV did a 10 minute segment on how to 'get the look'But i'm not talking about wearing red plastic shoes, tearing up your denim mini and sticking skulls onto everything. I could be wrong (I often am) but I think the rock chick look is a trend you have to really like, and commit to with some not neccessarily bankrupting, but certainly better than Primark key investment pieces to avoid looking like a cheap wannabe popstar/Big brother contestant (which isn't a bad think, but definitely not for me)

I turn to style icons Karen O (from the Yeah yeah yeahs) and original queen of rock-chick-cool, Debbie Harry.

Debbie Harry is on my top 5 list of women i don't just admire, I actually want to be (and last weekend someone told me I looked a bit like her- they were lying, but yay!) My attention is imediately drawn from Debbies shock of hair and sultry eyes to her leather jacket: If your looking for a key Rock chick piece then a tight fitting leather jacket is a good place to start. This Alexander McQueen leather biker jacket (£1805,00) is an even better one.

Alternately, in the real world where money doesn't grow on trees and my bank balance doesn't have that many zeros in it this zip detail leather jacket from Topshop (£45) is nice:

And if you're blessed with time rather than money, and have the patience, shopping second hand is a great way to find a gorgeous genuine leather piece for the change in your pocket. Charity shops, vintage fairs, and thift stores always house some treasures, as does our old favourite: ebay.
This genuine leather original 80s style biker jacket was selling for just £10 : a bargain that can be just about stretched to from any budget (even mine if I squint a bit!)
A perfect leather jacket won't just make you look like a genuine rock chick, it will make you feel like one too. In fact, I think i'm going to slip mine over my pajamas and get back to the Guitar Hero........