Monday, 24 September 2012

Fabfrocks at Home: The circus-themed nursery

Hi guys,
We have been living in our new house for almost four months, and slowly but surely, it is starting to look like a home I am proud to live in. Last month I showed you the final version of my walk-in wardrobe. This month, we have finally (very nearly!) finished the baby's nursery. So here's the tour:
The shelving unit, cot, and wardrobe are all from good ol' Ikea. We changed the knobs on the wardrobe door to make it look a little more unique. The red double sofa bed was already a spare room feature, but we decided to keep it as a big comfy seat to watch him sleep/play/whatever, and as a spare bed for overnight visitors: we only have a 2 bedroom house, so it's important to maximise space.
The vintage circus posters (which we talked about here) are all from eBay. The cushions on the sofa are from Cath Kidston, Etsy, and Little Joules. Cath Kidston does a vintage circus print fabric that I absolutely fell in love with. So I made some bunting using it, and then enlisted my much craftier mum to make all the other soft furnishings in the room using the fabric: She made the cotton bags hanging from the wardrobe doors, the huge sofa throw, and the quilt on the end of the baby's cot. She even used the circus print fabric to trim his little towels: now that's attention to detail! She's seriously talented and you can visit her website for more incredible nursery creations by clicking here.
The glass balloons hanging in the window are from Murano; the glass island off Venice. We picked them up when we were there last month and my dad made the frame so we could hang them. The giant elephant seat is another Ikea purchase and he already has more bears, books and toys than any little boy needs: and he isn't even born yet! With that and his fancy wardrobe full of clothes, I think it's fair to say we've gone a little over the top.

All we have left to do is buy a light fitting (we're finding it really hard to choose!) and make the curtains. I've bought the fabric: red and white striped, like a big top. I just have to get my sewing machine out, sit down, and actually make them!

Love Tor xx


Jackie Brown said...

Absolutely gorgeous! ...I especially love the balloons ...good luck in keeping it looking so organised. ;o)

Jackie @ Minerva Collection Handbags&Jewellery

Bertie Brierley said...

It all looks beautiful Auntie Tor, cannot wait to come and play with all his toys again.

You know, keep them warm for him until he arrives!!

Love Bertie xx

Zaggora Girl said...

Such a colorful combination! What's your most favorite piece in the room?