Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Lust: Marc by Marc Jacobs baby bag

Hi guys,
Please excuse me this slightly self-indulgent post, because it's arrived! It's finally arrived! As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew I definitely didn't want a plain black changing bag. If I have to carry just one bag with me every day for two years, I wanted it to be a cool one!

The problem is, anything other than plain coloured decidedly practical bags are hard to find, and whilst there are some great leather options on the market, I find the shapes of them a bit clunky. So to find the one I wanted I had to think outside the box and look a little further afield. Then someone told me that in the States, you could buy Marc by Marc Jacobs baby bags. Obviously I had to check this out immediately: and not only did I discover this was true, I fell completely in love!!
The bag comes in a massive variety of different cool colours and patterns, including snakeskin, animal prints, and some great geometric prints: I love this one. But I think I chose wisely: now I've seen it in the flesh, I couldn't be happier with my black and neon patterned baby bag. It's definitely not boring! And it has the added bonus of matching my new Georgia Rose neon winter boots from Sarenza!

A note on ordering from outside the EU: My bag was supposed to arrive last week, but instead I got a letter from ParcelForce telling me before customs would release the bag, I had to pay tax on my purchase. In my case, this amounted to an extra £26. So if you are thinking of buying from the US, bear in mind that it will ultimately cost you more than the ticket price. Irritating, but for this gorgeous bag, totally worth it!

Love Tor xx

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[Spitzenklasse] said...

Oh, this bag is so lovely - I treated myself to it as well. I now the boy is 10 month old, I still think it is one of my best buys ever. Mine is plain black, though.