Monday, 27 June 2011

Daily wear: Well fitting dresses and glittery cats!

Hi guys,
This is an outfit I wore at the end of last week: today I am wearing as little as possible, and trying not to look too repulsive whilst keeping as cool as I can!
Pepperberry got in touch, and asked to style me in one of their dresses for a special occasion; the special occasion I opted for was my honeymoon, and this is the dress I choose. You can see this all styled up for my honeymoon in August when I get back, but in the meantime, I just had to try the dress out and see what I thought. I love Pepperberry dresses: its so nice to wear a dress that nips in at the waist and still has room for my boobs!
I'm wearing the dress with my favourite Siren cardigan. I've had this since I was at uni, but I still break it out occasionally: what's not to love about glittery cats?! Accessories-wise, I went for my beloved tan leather (it matches everything, you can't go wrong!) Moheda clogs, topshop leather belt, and a very old hobo bag which is from Dorothy Perkins.

I really like this dress, although mayge not how i've hurredly worn it. But with a lovely big sunhat, beach bag and gold flip flops, I think this is perfect for strolling around the markets in between trips to the pool! I'll show you how I styled it for the beach as soon as i'm back from my break.

Love, Tor x


fashionismyh2o said...

That is a gorgeous dress, I love the colour it's summery without being too in your face - perfect! I can imagine you'll look so beautiful in in on your honeymoon (not that you dont already just with all the added glow and dressing it up) lovely look for summer!


girlinthecity said...

such a pretty dress - haven't seen that one in store yet.

and glittery cats? what could be more perfect lovely! x

artandghosts said...

I love these colours, and they look amazing with your hair, but I am completely over the moon, bedazzled and awe struck by the back of that cardigan!

I have similar issues regarding dresses with nipped in waists, although my problem is more a lack of boob and more waist than the dresses ever allow. I always have to buy a size that fits my waist, which then leaves too much sagging fabric where my chest ought to be;)