Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Daily Wear: Club Tropicana!

Hi guys,

I'm really finding solace in writing this blog at the moment; it feels like it's the only break I get from thinking about weddings and wedding planning, whilst still feeling productive (I just don't have it in me to sit and veg out in front of the TV when there's work to do: it makes me feel lazy).

I wonder if Mike is feeling the same way, because he's stopped complaining about my constant requests for outfit photos, which of course I am taking full advantage of! Here's what I wore today:
The dress is from River Island from last summer and I love the shape of it, but because of its bright Hawaian pattern (hence the club Tropicana reference), I only wear it when it's really sunny. I'm wearing it with my new favourite shoes (my Moheda clogs from Sarenza) and a lightweight jacket with sheer sleeves which I picked up from Primark. A bargain for £13, and perfect for when I need to look smart (for work, meetings etc) in the summer, but it's too warm to wear a proper, heavy jacket.

I love summer dresses, but only when I can layer them up with other things! I'm just not a 'one piece at a time' kind of girl!

Love, Tor xx


daisychain said...

that dress is so damn awesome!

Amy said...

That dress is super cute! And I love the clogs, of course.


Gem Fatale said...

Love the outfit, hope all the plannage is going okay!!
I have some black Moheda clogs, they're so freakishly comfy! x

Filipa said...

I understand not being one of a piece kinda girl totally! :) Ahh, weddings, they can be so stressful- I'm running into my last leg of the planning, it's only 7 weeks away! It's exciting but I sure will miss all the fun little not being able to fall asleep because I got an idea :) You look lovely