Friday, 2 July 2010

Oh no Britney, No!!

Oh Britney what have you done?! Well the answer is, she's designed a low-budget fashion collection. I love Britney; I will happily bop along to here tunes after too many cocktails on a Saturday night. But she's not exactly known for her fashion sense, is she. In fact, i've seen that woman sporting more circles of shame than Tiger Woods after a heavy weekend.

The collection is aimed at teens and is being released on 1st July to coincide with the "back to school" buying session: yup, this stuff is coming to a high school near you! When I was at school I had to wear a bottle green knee length pencil skirt - if it came above your knee you had to go home and change it (or in my case, roll it back down!) Now apparently studded leatherette mini skirts are back-to-school essentials: who knew?!

Britney released a statement about her new clothing saying “Designing was a really fun, new way for me to express my creativity and I really wanted to create something by me for my fans.” Apparently her inspirations were her favourite books and films: apparently Britney only reads books in which people wear cheap denim: interesting.

Luckily the clothing line will only be sold at Kohl’s Department stores in the States, whom they have an exclusive contract with, meaning we won't see too many mini-Britneys running around town. I know its a budget collection, but I just can't get over the cheapness of it: the tacky silver bag, the denim waistcoat/pink vest combo - it all screams of too little money, teamed with far too little taste.

Why would a celebrity with no fashion sense design a fashion line? Who would invite them to do it?? The lure of a quick buck obviously addles people's minds. I'm sick of seeing collaborations with two-bit celebrities: when can we go back to judging clothes based on who made them, not on which B-lister (I'm not talking about Britney here of course - she's an A lister gone bad!) drew the original doodles?

Love, Tor xx


abmarie said...

I don't like the line either. I often see Britney among the Fashion Don'ts or Fashion Disasters, so whatever led her to starting her own clothing store with her own designs is beyond me. I mean, Britney looks great in the right clothes, but, well, she doesn't look like she's made to make 'em.

Wardrobe Wars said...

Not good! Not good at all! Oh Britney. Britney, Britney............. - take a look, we'd love your feedback - follow if you like what you see!


WendyB said...

Is she selling ratty weaves too?

Winnie said...

Hmmm not the greatest of celebrity lines, it all looks rather dull!

Harriet said...

It's just so... blah. Admittedly I probably would have loved it when I was 11, but it just looks like to me she probably didn't have anything to do with designing the clothes and it's just a marketing gimmick.